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 Real Estate: 


Mattingly Law, LLC represents developers, lenders and owners (as landlords and tenants) in all aspects of commercial real estate law.

Developer Representation

Sales, purchases, leases, joint ventures and development work have been hallmarks of George Mattingly’s practice. Here are a few:

  • Acquisition, joint venture transaction for multi-use Buckhead office and retail mid-rise building

  • Formation and negotiation of documents for joint venture for contemplated public/private apartment development in suburban Atlanta city

  • Formation of multi-member limited liability company for development and ownership on various shopping centers in the Southeast

  • Commercial leases for NYC developer and owner of shopping centers in Georgia and Florida

Lending Practice

As the head of a lending practice team at a large Atlanta firm for many years, Mr. Mattingly has broad experience in lending transactions, as both borrower’s and lender’s counsel.  A small sampling of such transactions includes the following:

  • Borrower’s counsel: $9,000,000.00 +/- loan for construction of suites hotel; related EP5- Loan

  • Lender’s counsel: $17,000,000.00 construction loan with tax credit elements on facility in Savannah, Georgia

  • Private lender representation in work out of secured loan in Cumming, Georgia and negotiation of related sale in lieu of foreclosure

Associated Counsel Transactions

For many years, Mr. Mattingly has acted as local borrower and lender counsel to clients of major Atlanta and out of state law firms.  In this connection, he has issued local counsel opinions, reviewed title and survey and revised and approved out-of-state loan and acquisition documents for state law purposes. 

Conflicts, fee issues and needed specialization often result in Mattingly Law being associated by other law firms. This work is welcomed by Mr. Mattingly. These firms know they can rely on Mr. Mattingly for excellent and responsive service while respecting the primary client relationship. 

Title Insurance​

Mattingly Law, LLC associates Buckhead Title Group (R. Hunt Dunlap, Esq.) and other experienced title counsel for title insurance searches and policies.  Mr. Dunlap is a commercial real estate attorney with many years of experience and he and Mr. Mattingly often associate on projects requiring more bench strength. Mattingly Law, LLC's rate structure is often more suitable for matters below larger firm's cost thresholds. 

 Wills, Trust & Probate: 

Mattingly Law also regularly handles estate planning and probate matters.

Estate Planning: Wills and Trust​

The recent Tax Act has resulted in a greater need for basic will and estate planning services. Mattingly Law, LLC offers the needed expertise for basic wills, trust, probate, and succession planning, at reasonable rates.

Estate planning questionnaires, fee estimates and appropriate fixed fee arrangements are available on request.

Probate Related​

Mr. Mattingly has broad experience in probate administration. He has administered numerous estates and trusts, both as the fiduciary and as counsel.  His business education background serves him well in recognizing and handling the varied issues that inevitably arise in probate administration.

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